Trucking company in Mashhad

Trucking company in Mashhad
Traditional methods of moving and transporting home furniture are associated with many problems. One of them is that to find the closest and best bus with a suitable upholstery machine, as well as an experienced and committed furniture worker, you have to spend a lot of time searching, while in Mashhad online furniture service, Barbari manager with these problems Is. You will not face and with the push of a button you can find and book the closest moving machines to you.
Benefits of using the online services of a furniture manager
Save time and money
The right to choose how to pay (online or cash payment)
۲۴-hour support
Ability to find the exact address of origin and destination on the map online
Fixed price until the end of the work, by registering the order in the application and the site and viewing the invoice
Ability to hire a porter as desired
Specialists in packaging, layout and technical services
Choose a car for furniture that fits your cargo volume
Trucking company in Mashhad
Online furniture ordering
One of the major problems with traditional buses is that they do not have fixed-price furniture. By the end of the shipment, the original price will change many times and you will end up having to pay more than you initially agreed. But in the furniture manager services, you pay the same amount that you saw in the last step of order registration. Variable and unreliable pricing of traditional freight markets was one of the most important concerns of freight managers. You will not face this problem in the furniture manager application again.
The cost that you see when ordering furniture services on the website or manager application is the amount you have to pay at the end of the work and will not change during the work. As the first online furniture application in the country, Manager Bar has been able to take steps to reduce your worries about furniture. By downloading the freight manager application, you can save your time and money and have the best and most reliable online freight services with just a few clicks. With the bar manager furniture application, you can be informed of the location of your bar moment by moment and minute by minute and observe it until you reach your destination.
Trucking company in Mashhad

Trucking company in Mashhad

Mashhad Modir baar Transportation Company has started working in the field of cargo and furniture transportation and so far has provided about hundreds of thousands of intercity transportation services and about seventeen thousand suburban transportation services.

Transportation of home furniture, furniture, office supplies, commercial goods, industrial devices and cars in the country
Specialized packaging of goods by experienced and trained personnel
Moving and arranging furniture and accessories in one place
Loading and unloading intercity and international trucks and trailers
Specialized transportation of heavy, bulky and unconventional equipment in a professional manner with special tools

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